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16678Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Very tall man

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  • Keith YOung
    Jan 4, 2007
      Many thanks. I'll re-rig with higher test-strength lines, particularly for my weight.

      My doctor says I have to get my Body Mass Index down to the median value ... which is about 200 lbs. I haven't weighed that since entering high school, in 1957 ... at which time (looking at old photos) I looked like a McDonald's straw that swallowed a large marble.

      Ralph Oborn <Ralph.oborn@...> wrote:
      I did have to buy my own rope for the hammock, so I went to Sears, and
      bought some 100-lb. test polypropylene reduced-stretch soft rope, and burned
      the ends to prevent un-raveling. I figured that doubling this rope on each
      end would give me a 400-lb. strength, more than enough to cover my near
      300-lb weight (remembering that I'm 6' 8"). Seems to work. I use the
      carabiners to clip the rope end to the "S"-hook on the end of the hammock.

      Keith, the way the trig works for the common angles of hanging the amount of
      tension on the rope is actually many times your weight. Even doubled up you
      are barely operating within the ropes safety margin.
      Both Yongblood and I put posted a spreadsheet to help you calculate actual
      Also remember your weight is a static load, When getting in or out the
      forces are momentarily much higher.

      At a 30° sag angle the tension on EACH rope works out to be your weight!!!!

      At lower sag angles (tighter hammock) it will be much higher.


      PS YMMV hang low over soft ground

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