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1666Re: Hammock Camping Double Bottom 1.1oz ripstop prototype

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  • Rick
    Jun 3, 2003
      Hi Ed,

      I believe it was you I learned from that if one puts one end of the
      hammock up about 4-6 inches and the feet are put at that end, it
      solves the problem of sliding down in the hammock... That and I try,
      when it is necessary to pull my head toward the head end, to pull
      from the far side of the knot instead of from the edges of the
      hammock... The failure I had of the white 1.9 oz hammock was of this
      edge, and it ended up ripping about 3-4 inches before I discovered it.

      As to the little tear of the bug net... I had really short
      fingernails, but an edge must have been a little sharp. When I
      pulled on the quilt, it slit the bug net. Tonight I was able to
      repair that little rip with the zig-zag stitch on the sewing machine.

      I first tried to repair same with a little patch of ripstop glued to
      the bugnet with superglue... Don't try this. the glue does not
      stick to bug net at all... however it does stick to fingers when you
      try to get the bug net to stick!


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Ed Speer" <info@s...> wrote:
      > Interesting Rick, I now have about 3,500 hours in my 1.9 oz/sq yd
      > ripstop hammock with only slight damage along the outter edges at
      > end where some small 0.1-0.5" rips occur. I've now determined that
      > these are due to my repeatedly grabbing the edges of the hammock
      > to pull myself back to the center of the hammock--ie, I sometimes
      > toward the foot end of the hammock during the night and then grab
      > sides near the head end to pull myself back to center. Apparently
      > fingernails cause small tears in the fabric. However, the hammock
      > still quite functionable and I see no reason I can't get 4,000
      hours or
      > even more. The bugnet, velcro, polypro straps, etc are all showing
      > wear or damage.
      > People with long fingernails may need to exercise extra caution in a
      > hammock! ...Ed
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      > From: Rick [mailto:geoflyfisher@y...]
      > Sent: Monday, June 02, 2003 4:18 PM
      > To: hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: Re: Hammock Camping Double Bottom 1.1oz ripstop prototype
      > Ed,
      > I understand your results were not good with the single thickness
      > oz... The double bottom seems much stronger. I hate to put it to
      > real stress with a 400 pound load for now... I did that with my
      > double bottom 1.9 oz ripstop as you remember with no problem. I
      > wonder if the white single thickness hammock I had which failed was
      > 1.1 oz instead of 1.9 oz. Perhaps I will take that material out
      > day and accurately weigh it.
      > I did have one small failure of the hammock last night... I was
      > reaching down toward my midsection to poke the quilt under my hip
      > when my fingernail caught the bug net. Before I knew what I had
      > done, I had made a rip in the bug net about an inch and a half
      > I will try a small patch of noseeum and some superglue to fix
      > Rick
      > --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Ed Speer" <info@s...> wrote:
      > > Rick, I'm anxious to also try a double 1.1 ripstop hammock--my
      > > experience with a single layer 1.1 is dismal! Hope yours works
      > well.
      > > Your progress sounds intriguing....Ed
      > >
      > >
      > >
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