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16658RE: [Hammock Camping] Hammock Campout--Springer Mtn, GA Dec 31, 2006

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  • tim garner
    Jan 3 3:50 AM
      thanks for the report ed. i thought about yall this week end & missed seeing you.
      when i put my hammock up in the back yard, i try to be sure & go ahead & take them down because of the warnings i've herd from you & others about how damaging the sun is.
      occasionally i have left them up longer than i ment to. thanks for the reminder.
      MAN... you & karen are committed to the hammocking community... teaching us to be careful w/ your first hand examples of hammock failures<g>.
      but i hope karen wasn't hurt or sore from it. even if not, that's no fun to have to pack-up & change plans. ...tim
      PS... i hope dave & brian & the others wern't to roudy<g>.

      Ed Speer <ed@...> wrote:
      Wow! What a campout! Yep, it rained-a LOT! Hiking to the summit of
      Springer Mtn on Sunday afternoon was like wading in a flooding creek. The
      trail itself became the creek, complete with waterfalls! No way to keep
      your feet dry. At least it was warm-about 50F. In fact it got down to only
      42F Sunday night!

      But then it really rained some more! Heavy showers every hour or so till
      about 9pm. Then dense fog all night.

      But in spite of the poor weather, about 30-40 hearty soles showed up,
      including 3 southbounders who finished their thruhike on Sunday! In
      addition, several northbounders were on hand to start their hike on Monday.
      About 8 or so hammock campers set up near the trail shelter. The heavy rain
      put a real damper on socializing & celebrating at the shelter, except for
      those who were too soused to notice.

      Karen's hammock ripped unexpectedly, so we ended up spending the night in
      the car back at the trailhead. Today, we inspected her hammock and
      determined that sun rot was the culprit. We use our hammocks a lot, but it
      seems we had left hers setup under the car port too many times and the early
      morning & late afternoon sun did its thing on the ends of the hammock that
      stuck out from under the PeaPod. We noticed sun bleaching of some of the
      fabric folds near each end and sure enough, we could tear those faded folds
      simply by pulling moderately with our fingers! Guess we should heed our own
      warnings about avoiding the sun with nylon hammocks! Anyway, the hammock
      was 4 years old and had seen lots of use-but you can bet we'll be more
      careful in the future!

      On Monday am, 9 of us met in the parking lot and headed to Dahlonega for an
      all-you-can-eat lunch at the Smith House. This has become quite a New
      Year's Day tradition and as usual we enjoyed the company. Those at the
      table probably had a cumulative 65,000 trail miles! With lots of good food
      and sweet tea flowing, we quickly forgot all about the rain and everyone
      parted company promising to be back next year..Ed

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