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16643"gravel" road???

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  • kbwaddy
    Dec 28, 2006
      Ed's link to the directions to springer say that the roads may be
      impassable in extremely wet weather, it also says 42 is gravel. is it
      a good enough road to get up there in a carolla with the couple of
      inches of rain they are predicting, or does gravel really mean "rutted
      out clay"? also is one way better than the other? i am thinking about
      comming in on 42 from cartecay because it looks like less miles off
      the pavement, or are the roads better if you go usfs 28 to 77 to 42. i
      will probably call the usfs tomorrow, but thought i would see if
      anyone has any helpful firsthand knowledge here first. thanks ...Brandon