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16570Re: Freeze dried beer

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  • Brian Lewis
    Dec 13, 2006
      I appreciated the pointer to powdered alcohol.
      Catch: I went to the german website (subyou.com) and couldn't find
      anywhere on it to actually order the product …

      Maybe I'm just missing something, but I also googled some basic terms
      (alkohol pulver [ver]kauf, etc) and didn't come up with any actual
      sales sites, in german or english.

      Seems like an interesting idea, anyway!

      Last year I switched to an alcohol stove, and like most folks I
      think, I use cheaper and more readily available denatured
      alcohol "mostly", but my reserve fuel supply is everclear (or
      actually, a competitor, same thing, different brand name). Took
      this along on a couple of long hikes this year, and towards the end
      of the hike --- if it's obvious that the reserve supply of fuel won't
      be needed --- mix up some "dehydrated wine", one recipe for which can
      be found here:

      One catch I found living in Washington State is that my state
      government kindly tries to protect me from whatever stupidity I might
      get into with pure alcohol --- by not letting me buy it. I think
      nine states do this. Fortunately, I suspect that most or all of
      these less enlightened states border on less restrictive states, and
      we don't have any internal border control points setup yet, so ... <g>

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