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  • rosaleen43@aol.com
    Jun 2, 2003

      What an opening!! 8-)

      In a more seriosus line, I agree with trying to set up in a more sheltered area. Sometimes a hollow presents itself, sometimes not. Sometimes there aren't that many tree choices.

      Consider attaching the fly to the hammock body pullouts, if possible. Also, to help with flapping, Tom suggested attatching small silnylon bags with some small rocks to the flapping corners. I imagine that net bags would do just as well.



      Subject: I need help!!

      Ok you guys, I need some help here. In my experiements with my hammock
      in preparation for my upcoming trip, I have slept in just about every
      imaginable weather condition you can think of. I slept in cold below 30
      (fine - figured out what I needed to do to stay warm), wind, rain, calm.
      My problem is this......wind AND rain! Gusts upward of 50 mph. We had
      a wind advisory last night and being the dedicated tester I am, I
      decided to sleep in my hammock to experience rain and wind combined.
      Well, lemme tell ya something - there is a HUGE difference between rain
      or wind and rain AND wind combined. I ended up soaked even tho I
      adjusted the fly twice in the night on the side that kept "flapping" and
      soaking me. Help - what do I need to look at to fix that?
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