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16516Re: Packing your hammock

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  • Jeff
    Dec 10, 2006
      Hi David,

      I haven't had very good results using PL in a hammock, precisely
      because of the curvature you mentioned. One reason it's a problem
      is that, unlike down, sheeted insulation wants to pull tight between
      two points rather than being lofted up like down does. This affects
      me most under my knees. I haven't found a good way minimize this
      w/o compressing the PL...at least not good enough to choose it over

      The best thing I can think of right now is to make the PL bathtub
      shaped, and put slit down the middle from the butt to the feet and
      make a catenary cut to keep the PL snug against the knees. Then
      attach it to the hammock and quilt it. Seuss made a catenary
      underquilt that he says fits pretty well...he may have something
      useful to say about this.

      Be sure to post your results if you find a workable solution. Or
      even if you don't.... :D

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