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16514Re: Packing your hammock

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  • David Elliott
    Dec 10, 2006
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      Hi all. I've enjoyed your posts. Lots of sense there, I think. I agree
      that it's good to have everything attached so no parts get left at home. I
      made small pockets on my tarp at each place the guylines attach, and the
      stakes are permanently attached to the guylines. When I break camp I roll
      each guyline around its stake until I get to the edge of the tarp, and then
      put the stake and line in its own pocket (velcro closure). Same for the
      ends of the ridgeline, minus the stake. The tarp is stored in a mesh bag,
      which goes in an outside pocket of my homemade G4 pack. The mesh tarp bag
      (and several other small bags for gear that goes in outside pockets) is tied
      to the pack because the pack is Silnylon, and things can slip out the the
      pockets easily.
      I pack my hammock on top of the pack because I like to use it during the day
      for meals or catnaps on the trail. Insulation for my current hammock is
      down from lots of old Frostline kits purchased on ebay. I overstuffed it,
      so it's plenty warm. (Slept comfortably in the back yard last night at 18
      degrees [but no wind.]) My next hammock will be a summer version, with a
      thinner layer of Primaloft. This is a new material for me. Does anyone
      have suggestions on how to handle it for the curved underside of a hammock?
      I'm tempted to sew it into cylinders and put them in tubes with baffles in
      the hammock bed, simply replacing the down insulation in my current design.
      I have also considered using flat layers with darts to compensate for the
      curvature. I wonder if it would stretch adequately. I could oversize it,
      but then it might sag. These and other questions will get answered
      eventually, but all suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
      David Elliott

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