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  • john hill
    Dec 9, 2006
      Thanks for the responses. Looks like it's one or the other here. I've just packed it back in the sack because it's there and like Brian everything's in one place - stakes, tree huggers, and hammock. No hunting for stuff - just open the bag and it's all there but I thought it might be easier to pack if you just wound it up in the pack as you went.

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      Jeff <jwj32542@yahoo. com> wrote:
      > If you're using the skins, why do you also carry the stuff sack?
      I also use the snakeskins, and leave it in the stuff sack. I do it this way because I also keep my extra parachute line and tieout pegs in the sack. It just keeps everything together. Granted, I am not a lightweight packer by any means. If I were, my Alice pack backpack would be history, along with most of my other gear {Yes, I need lots of new gear. Anybody with more money than sense can e-mail me and get my Christmas list ;-) }.

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