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16510Re: [Hammock Camping] Packing your hammock

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  • Dave Womble
    Dec 9, 2006
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      I just use a stuff sack that is large enough to stuff it in easily
      and let it compress further, as needed, in my pack. I untie one end
      of my hammock, wrap that suspension line around my hand, put that in
      the bottom of the stuff sack, gather a foot or so of the hammock at a
      time and stuff it until I get to the other suspension line. Then I
      cinch the stuff sack, untie and wrap the remaining suspension line
      around my hand, uncinch the stuff sack and put the remaining
      suspension line on top before recinching the stuff sack. To tie off
      the hammock, the suspension line is the first thing out and you can
      cinch it off in the rain while you tie the first suspension line
      off. The rest of the hammock comes out of the stuff sack in the
      proper order as you walk to the second tree. It is easy and quick.

      I do the same thing with my tarp, wrapping the side guidelines in
      pairs and tucking them in with a handful of tarp material as I come
      to them. The two ridgelines are the first and last things in the
      stuff sack. I have a small stuff sack for my stakes to prevent them
      from damaging other items and I put it into the side of the tarp
      stuff sack before I put the last ridgeline in. I don't like to pack
      items for tarps or tents seperately... I have seen too many people
      start to set up camp and find out they left various pieces at home.

      Normally, I put my tarp in a side pocket so it can be the first thing
      out or last thing in when it is raining. My hammock is usually the
      last thing I put inside my pack so I can get to it easy at break time
      or when it is time to set up camp.

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