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16508Re: Packing your hammock

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  • Jeff
    Dec 9, 2006
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      I've been using snakeskins and leaving the sack at home. I put the
      hammock and Nest inside teh skins, then fold the snake up and put it
      in the bottom of my pack b/c that's where it fits best. My pack is
      hourglass shaped so the length of the bundle fills out the bottom just
      right...it kinda makes a "U". Then I put my top quilt on top of the
      bundle in the middle of the U. Everything else goes around that, then
      my food goes on top. Tarp goes in an outer mesh pocket so I can hang
      it separately w/o unpacking anything if it's raining.

      Stuffing the Nest inside the skins is a bit of a hassle when I get to
      the center though, so I just made a stuff sack based on an idea
      blackbishop had at the Hot Springs campout in September. Haven't
      field tested it yet but I have a feeling this is gonna replace my
      skins. http://www.tothewoods.net/HomemadeGearBlackbishopSack.html

      If you're using the skins, why do you also carry the stuff sack?

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