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165Forrest Mounteering, Ltd Hammock

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  • Ed Speer <info@speerhammocks.com>
    Jan 16, 2003
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      I just met a new hammock user today and he loaned me his 15-year-old
      hammock to see what I think of it. It was made by Forrest
      Mounteering, Ltd of Denver CO, which is apparently now out of
      business. It is a single-point hammock!--it hangs from one central
      point and 6 straps attach to the hammock sides for support. It
      cradles your body somewhat like a full-body sling. It comes with a
      seperate rain cover and all stuffs into a small bag. Sold originally
      to rock climbers for sleeping on rock walls; since displaced by the
      portaledges (metal-frame stretched hammocks; good, but too heavy for
      backpacking). The Forrest hammock is light weight enough to be
      suitable for backpacking; especiall if made out of the newer nylon
      fabrics! (I'm going to try it--will let you know how it goes).
      Weight of original: Hammock--1.9 lbs; Rain cover--1.4 lb. I suspect I
      can make one under 1.5 lbs!

      Does anyone recognize this hammock or anything similar? I don't think
      it's still being made....Ed
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