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16489RE: [Hammock Camping] Re: slowhike`s down hammock version one (v1)

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  • Carey Parks
    Dec 7 6:45 AM
      Another option for all those who don't want to lose their hammock camping
      photos and e-mails is the Retrospect backup and restore software to go with
      your external drive. I'm not a Ghost user so I can't compare the two, but I
      know Retrospect 7 is automatically backing up my computer every day and
      allows me to restore to a new hard drive easily. I can specify any day in
      the last 30 days to restore to. Or I can just go get certian files that I
      might have cause harm to. Just be sure it's 7 and not 5. I'm not affiliated
      with Retrospect, just a happy user. I like automatic.

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      Be aware that having an external hard drive only gets you half way there
      if you run XP.

      You need Ghost to copy useable backup. The standard system backup software
      will put a backup on the external hard drive, but will be unable to detect
      it when you want to restore.

      The whole "system state" thing is a fussy little bugger.

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      From: tim garner
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      i`m just a beginer w/ computers, but i belive i do need to get an external
      hard drive to store photos & stuff on.
      gotta be able to keep up w/ the latest hammock gear. ...tim

      Cara Lin Bridgman <caralinb@...> wrote:

      I backup of everything often enough that I keep a backup folder on my
      d-drive with shortcuts to all the pertinent places:
      C:\Documents and Settings\CL\Application Data\Mozilla

      This includes programs like Thunderbird and Mailwasher. It can also
      include my personal dictionary in MS word and installed system icons.

      I particularly backup these things before running ghost.exe or
      reinstalling things. I did this before installing the new Firefox 2.

      Of course all this computer chat is related to hammocks in two ways: 1)
      functional computers are necessary to keep abreast of the rapidly
      evolving hammock technology and 2) always have backup or do routine
      system checks because something somehow will let you down, often
      literally (more ouch!)


      don`t leave the CREATOR out of the creation!!!

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