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16478[Hammock Camping] Re: slowhike`s down hammock version one (v1)

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  • Dave Womble
    Dec 6, 2006
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, tim garner <slowhike@...>

      > PS... you mentioned hiking near murphy where eric rudoff did some
      of his camping. you recon he could teach us something about stelth

      Funny you should mention that Tim. I tagged along on that trip with
      a buddy of mine with the American Hiking Society and one of the
      authors of the guidebook for that trail. The author of the guide
      book, John Ray, lead the hike using his guidebook and taking a few
      notes along the way. On our last night out we used a stealth
      campsite that someone that lives in that area showed him. It was
      behind a 50 foot wall of rhododendron that he located by a certain
      large rock in the middle of the trail, the first 15 feet of it you
      had to crawl on your hands and knees through a rhododendron tunnel
      before you could stand up and walk through the rest. After you
      cleared the rhododendron it was a grassy area with scattered trees...
      almost a bald. I saw a few old rusted cans, a fire ring it that area
      and an old glass Pepsi bottle with a metal screw-on cap. It was kind
      of neat, but I don't know if Eric used it. That is some rugged
      country and trails. We only saw one hunter and one dirt motorcyclist
      in our three days on the trail. The Fires Creek Rim Trail pretty
      much follows the boundary of a bear sanctuary, where if they make it
      over the ridge and into the basin they are safe. The hunter said he
      thought about 9 bears had been taken so far this year.

      If you are interested in some of my photos from the trip, they are
      posted here, but the descriptive text doesn't work right using IE,
      they do with FireFox: http://tinyurl.com/yy2992

      These are the ones from the Linville Gorge trip with Ed and Steve:

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