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16473Re: [Hammock Camping] Dream hammock photos and test

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  • Cara Lin Bridgman
    Dec 6, 2006
      Taking a look at your dream hammock, my first thought was two puller
      straps, too. Placed just as you state below.

      But, the I began to wonder about this alternative: What if you used
      twice the width of mosquito netting. The netting would run from halfway
      underneath, around the top, and back to halfway underneath. The netting
      would only be sewn to the hammock at the casings. The rest of it
      would be loose. Having the ends sewn to the casing, may keep the net
      wrapped around you. So, all you'd have to do is pull the net up to
      climb in and out, no calisthenics to connect puller straps underneath
      you. That's the theory, but I probably do not have enough real-world
      experience to predict how well it will work. For all I know, the net
      would wind up as a rope over your head.

      If this works, it would allow you to eliminate the puller straps all
      together. The biggest disadvantage I see so far is that this will
      prevent you from flipping the hammock over for a net-free night (among
      other uses). This might be solved with bungies and mitten-hooks (rather
      like installing a JRB quilt on the wrong side) instead of sewing the
      loose halves into the underside of the hammock casing.


      Chinell, David F (GE Indust, Security) wrote:
      > However, I'm considering experimenting with two puller straps, maybe around 1/3 the way along the sides, rather than one in the middle. That might be an acceptable compromise between solid sealing and ease of entry.
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