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16471Re: slowhike`s down hammock version one (v1)

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  • Dave Womble
    Dec 5, 2006
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      I'm sorry, I guess I'm going to be difficult <grin>. I can't figure
      out enough of the specifics of your version 1 to comment so I'll
      throw out a bunch of questions and see if it leads to anything.

      Is the hammock fabric 1.9 oz rip stop nylon (RSN) or is it 1.1 RSN or
      is it some other material and is it calendered and/or have a DWR
      coating? Is the down contained in one large compartment like Rick's
      warm hammock or does it have several baffled chambers along the lines
      of what Jeff was doing at one time? What are the dimensions of the
      hammock, the insulation and the dimensions where the shell attaches
      to the hammock? Some tougher questions that you may not know and I
      may not know what difference it makes either: what size needle (and
      was it a universal or ball point), what type of thread did you use
      (polyester, nylon, cotton, etc.) and do you have any idea of the
      thread thickness, diameter, etc?

      In photo 1 of 6, "rip across shell attachment seen from inside", I
      can see a zigzag stitch but it doesn't appear that the tear is at the
      stitching, although it seems that it would have started at the
      stitching somewhere. And it doesn't look like the hammock fabric is
      a rip stop material. Are those observations correct?

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