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16466Re: slowhike`s down hammock version one (v1)

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  • Jeff
    Dec 4, 2006

      On my first down hammock with two layers like the one you're making,
      sometimes I had a little gap between the layers near the long edge
      where the two pieces separated. It only showed up when I got in the
      hammock...I guess the panels stretched at different rates. It was the
      same material, but obviously the layer I was on stretched more and
      took some of the weight off of the bottom layer. (Does that make any
      sense?) Depending on how I was laying, there could be a gap up to ~1"
      between me and the down. I never really had a problem with cold
      spots...but then it had ~10 oz of down and I never got below about 45F
      in it.

      Anyway, might be worth considering if you're using two layers.

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