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16465slowhike`s down hammock version one (v1)

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  • tim garner
    Dec 4, 2006
      if you look in the photo album "slowhike down hammock", you`ll see a
      color drawing of how i put together my 1st down hammock.
      also you`ll see a picture of the finished hammock.
      i wasn`t really happy w/ the thinner strips of insulation where the
      side compartments met the bottom compartment, but it was plenty warm in
      the back yard at around 39-40°f & would have went lower.
      but i awoke about 1:00am to a slow RIIIPPPP!
      i had alowed extra fabric for the outer shell, but not enough.
      apparantly, through the night the hammock body continued to strech
      until it began to pull the shell tight. see photos.
      i decided to try another using a double hammock of 1.1 oz ripstop
      like shown in the next drawing (v2).
      i`m hoping to get some feed back from ed, dave, & any others that
      have experimented w/ this kind of thing... or questions from anyone
      that`s just curious<g>. ...tim
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