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16438RE: [Hammock Camping] Under/over quilt patterns

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  • Martin Mendelson, N8MG
    Nov 27 10:09 AM
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      I am about ¾ of the way done with an adaptation of the
      <http://kickassquilts.com/MakeMaterials.html> KAQ. Patrick has been very
      helpful on a few points that were not clear to me. At this point I have the
      liner complete, the insulation cut and sewn and have the shell complete. Now
      all I have to do is wed the three items together, seam them, add quilt loops
      to secure the insulation from moving around and add the cords. I thought
      that I would be able to finish the project this past weekend and try it out.
      Unfortunately, it was not to be so.

      I had friends who retired who told me that being retired was over-rated.
      They were busier now than when they held a regular job. It’ll be one year
      January 1 since I retired and how true those statements were especially when
      I am making sure that all the maintenance around the house is up to date
      before my thru next March.

      Oh by the way, one thing I would do totally different from the method
      Patrick mentions for sealing the nylon when you cut it is to use the method
      I think Risk uses on his webpage of heating a knife and cutting the nylon.
      That way it seals as you cut. To bad I cannot figure out a way to heat a
      rotary cutter without trashing it.

      Also since I mentioned <http://www.imrisk.com/> Risk you might check out
      his webpage he has some ideas and projects that may work for you also.

      Marty - ‘Touch of Grey’

      Kick ass quilts has a tutorial on underquilts. Patrick's pattern is for a
      Hennessy, but could be adapted for any and, I think, talk about such an


      Any of you know of a pattern online for making an under or over quilt?


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