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1642RE: Hammock Camping Re: I need help!!

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  • J Cornelius
    Jun 2, 2003
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      I tried to post a reply to this earlier today but I have not seen it
      come up yet, so...I'll try again.


      Can you give us some additional information?  What type of hammock
      and what size rain fly?  Is the rain fly attached to the ridgeline of
      the hammock?  Do you use any elastic shockcord to attach the rain
      fly?  Why do you think that the rain fly was "flapping" instead of
      staying taunt?

      [J Cornelius] Hennessey Original Hammock, um, gee, not sure of the size of the rain fly but it's the original also.  The rain fly is attached to the ridgeline.  I do not use elastic shockcord - seems to be triptease type cord.  It was flapping because it was on the wind side and I don't think I had it close enough to the hammock to keep it from flapping.
      Hmmmm, the rainfly resecuring option may prove to be a good one - I'd need to get some cord for it tho.....hmmmmm now I'm thinking again (can you smell the smoke??)
      Thanks Youngblood!
      The reasons for the questions about the ridgeline and shockcord are
      basically that rainflys attached to hammock ridgelines have an
      inherent problem staying taunt when the hammock is loaded with body
      weight and rainflys attached with shockcord have an inherent problem
      in high winds because the wind load may stretch the shockcord to the
      extent that the rainfly is not covering the hammock.  The most secure
      rainfly is one that is attached with its own lines to a stationary
      tree/object and one that uses line that does not stretch.  Certainly
      shockcord stretches, but the standard 1/8" nylon line will also
      stretch when loaded enough and may not keep a rain fly as taunt as
      line that does not stretch significantly under load.

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