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1638Hammock Camping Re: I need help!!

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  • Coy
    Jun 1, 2003
      Thats closer to nature than I want to get. So if a flying slinter of
      wood did not get you I still think you would be unharmed. Don't want
      to test the theory though. Any takers?

      Coy Boy

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      > wrote:
      > > What are the dangers of lightning while in a hammock tied
      between 2
      > trees?
      > The first answer that popped into my mind was an experience I had
      > last summer right in my own back yard. We'd had some thunder and
      > lightning, but nothing for about half an hour. It was very quiet
      > I was hanging out on my deck in one of my hammock chairs. All of
      > sudden I heard the loudest boom I'd ever heard, coupled with an
      > incredibly bright flash of light that went horizontal to the
      > and out in a circular direction (like when a pebble hits still
      > water). Lightning had hit a tree just a short distance from my
      > and split it right down the middle.
      > I felt the energy of it go through me like the proverbial
      > bolt that it was. It was awesome!!!
      > I called a couple of neighbors, neither of whom lives close enough
      > see my house, or woods in the summer. One had heard the boom, but
      > didn't see the flash of light. The other, who is about half a
      > away through dense woods, did see the flash of light as she heard
      > boom.
      > Later I went out to see the tree. It was charred from top to
      > with splinters of it thrown many feet all around it. At the base
      > it was a rock in the shape of a heart, with a half shell
      > into it. Needless to say, I picked that up and brought it back to
      > the house, where it has a place of honor.
      > So, I'd say that the worst possible danger of being in a hammock
      > between two trees (besides being hit directly) would be to have a
      > bolt of lightning hit one of the tie-up trees!
      > Cheers!
      > Christina
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