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16379Re: "Grippy" and "Slick" Pad?

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  • chcoa
    Nov 20, 2006
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      I do the V notch thing too on my CCF pad and it has worked pretty
      well. I did have a little rip on my last outing but I think it from
      me tugging at the silly thing while on it. I wasn't paying attention
      when I sat down in the hammock and the foam shiffed a bit. The
      silly part was me trying to fix it laying down. Ultimately, and of
      course after I ripped it a little, I had to get my lazy butt up and

      I'm going to try the duct tape idea though too. Good thoughts.

      jamie in az

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Steve" <millergear@...>
      > Rosaleen,
      > I've cut shallow, narrow "V"'s along the edges and it works well
      > my test lab (hanging from the rafters in the attic) . I reinforced
      > the base of each "V" with duct tape to prevent tearing. Before
      > it in the field I'll need to do something more permenant. Worst
      > case with the SPE I would need to go back to 3/8" CCF for the
      > segment.
      > I've played around a lot with under the hammock support systems
      > a CCF. So far the only way that has worked reasonably well is to
      > a "pocket" for the pad. All the options attachable under hammock
      > options have been to complex and for a light summer pad to heavy.
      > Also, w/o the Speer doesn't have the HH side tieouts to provde
      > tension to keep the layers close.
      > Your under body / tunic combo sounds interesting, always looking
      > multi use gear. Like jeff, Id like to see pix.
      > Cheers,
      > Steve
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