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163Re: Who is on board

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  • tcoug7 <tcoug7@aol.com>
    Jan 16, 2003
      Ken, I wouln't discard hammocks yet without first contacting Philmont
      yourself and asking. As I said before, tarps and bottomless tents
      are not allowed. The hammock is a different animal. I would call.
      Their number is (505) 376- 2281. There is a lot of info on the web.
      Check out their website at www.philmont.com.

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Ken Shigley"<kshigley@m...>
      > I'm a 51-year-old mostly sedentary urban professional guy who enjoys
      > backpacking with my 13-year-old ubermensch son's Boy Scout troop,
      though the
      > boys leave me in the dust. Preparing to go on a Philmont trek in
      June I know
      > I need to lighten my load and get in much better physical
      condition. My
      > research on ultralight backpacking led to consideration of hammock
      > Unfortunately, I understand that hammocks are not allowed at
      Philmont. If I
      > ever have the freedom while I still have the health, I'd love to
      try the AT,
      > PCT & CDT with a hammock.
      > Ken in Atlanta
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