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16289RE: [Hammock Camping] Re: fabric, and old topic but I need some advice

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  • tim garner
    Nov 8, 2006
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      i`m planning to make some thing like that to go over the down hammock i just finished.
      my plan is that the ends (about 15-20" from each end) will be water proof.
      the bottom will probably be water proof (but at least DWR).
      the top part (probably starting at the hammock`s top edge), will be 1.1 nylon w/ a DWR treatment.
      still working on a few details like the entrance part, but i belive i`m right w/ rick on the velcro thing. i`ve never sewed a zipper in anything, but then last year i`d never sewed anything really <G>. tim

      Nathan Ruth <fishfarmer316@...> wrote: I am also thinking about making making a travel pod as my next DIY project.
      I was thinking about using sil-nylon, and using velcro to close it up
      instead of a zipper. I was thinking about adding a small patch of netting
      above my face to control the condensation. Do you guys think that will be
      enough, or will I loose too much heat through the opening? I could just use
      ripstop but I would like the extra waterproofing.


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