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16282Re: fabric, and old topic but I need some advice

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  • Matthew Takeda
    Nov 8, 2006
      Tim Garner wrote:
      >i don`t know that condensation would be a real problem using
      >silnylon as an outer cover for the hammock body, as long as the top
      >is open or covered w/ a more breathable fabric.

      I often have a silnylon cover over the entire bottom of my hammock
      and I haven't had any condensation problems.

      Risk wrote:
      >... I have
      >considered making a travel pod with a silnylon bottom that keeps the
      >bottom of the hammock dry even in blowing rain and which can be used on
      >wet ground for an escape, or when no trees are available.

      Yeah, like that. Works fine.

      Matthew Takeda
      the JOAT
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