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16267fabric, and old topic but I need some advice

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  • chcoa
    Nov 6, 2006
      It has become quite apparent to me that my winter insluation system
      becomes less effective during windy conditions. I have an outer
      cover that works well to stop the wind but as a prototype I had
      hoped to create the same type of thing but with lighter material one
      day. That day is here and I've been looking into fabric options.

      Unfortunately, not all the fabric sellers list the fabric's ability
      to ward off wind in their detail sections.

      I'd like low weight and resonably priced, certainly less expensive
      than that cuben fiber stuff (sheesh). Windproof over just wind
      resistant would be ideal but, will this mean the material does not
      breath at all and will collect condensation?

      So far the silnylon is not looking too bad, but I'm worried about
      condensation build up, since I know silnylon has this trait.

      Any thoughts?

      jamie in az
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