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  • Per-Arne Asp
    Jun 1, 2003
      Hi again group!
      Posted some pictures on how I try to organize my life under a tarp. I am on my 3rd year using a tarp and this is how I do it:
      I have strung a thin (1/16") nylon cord along the ridgeline of my tarp. On every 1' or so I have formed a small loop by tying a double 8 knot. This way I am able to hang up things that should not be laying on the ground, things that are to fragile to be stored in the hammock, socks that need to be dried etc. etc. To prevent sagging the cord is supported by a small Velcro loop at the middle of the tarp.
      I hope the pictures explains it better than my (not native) english and that you will find them useful.

      "Take nothing but memories
      Leave nothing but footprints
      Kill nothing but time
      Above all, have fun"
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