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16224Re: [Hammock Camping] New Hammockers

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  • tim garner
    Nov 1, 2006
      i`m glad you stumbled onto (or into) hammock camping. i`ve been using one for well over a year now & going back to a pad on the ground is the fartherest thing from my mind.
      welcome to this group. it`s a great place to fine tune your hammocking skills & equipment.
      we`ll look forward to seeing you around. ...tim

      shortstuff_n_hooch <shortstuff_n_hooch@...> wrote: Hi all! My son and I started hammocking this past year quite my
      accident. We are now converts to the comforts of hammock camping
      for life! We were on our way to my beloved native North Carolina
      for a camping trip. As we got off the interstate, I stopped in
      Asheville at the Mast Store looking for something to relax
      comfortably in camp with. One of the clerks suggested an Eagles
      Nest Outfitters hammock. I decided to invest the $49.95 and see how
      it went. I was so comfortble in it, that my son and I spent 3
      nights in it. After we returned to Kentucky, I started doing some
      research online into others that like their hammocks as well. That
      is when I read about hammock camping. I have since purchased a
      DryFly rain tarp and SlapStraps to accompany my ENO hammock to make
      it a true shelter. Of course, I bought Ed's book as well, giving it
      a good read.

      That is what brings us to my revelation that, indeed, camping in a
      hammock is more comfortable and certainly more convenient. When
      preparing for an annual camping trip to Spruce Pine, NC with my Dad,
      brothers, uncle and a couple of cousins, I was contemplating a
      choice of shelter. After thinking long and hard about it, I decided
      to give my new ENO shelter system a try. Not only was I the first
      to have my shelter set up, I reported sleeping better and more
      comfortably at night. The nights got as low as 41 degrees with a
      pretty good rain storn the second night, but I was warm, dry and
      well rested. The others gave me grief about my choice of shelter,
      but I was the only one who didn't fuss about my back bothering me
      every morning around the fire. When we were leaving Sunday morning,
      I was, of course, the first to have my shelter taken down and packed
      away. My son has now decided that he wants his own hammock for
      Christmas this year. I guesss you never know what Santa will bring,

      Short Stuff and I look forward to meeting many of you at the Spring
      campout this year, we hope to be able to make it!

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