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16216Re: [Hammock Camping] Using my truck and a tree

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  • Brian Neeley
    Oct 30, 2006
      Scott Schroeder <schrochem@...> wrote: I have been thinking about this for a few days and finally did a
      quickie check to see how it would work.
      I posted some pics in the folder 'scott's stuff'
      I think this will work with just about any truck or pickup truck....
      It can also be centered instead of at an angle.
      What I REALLY want to try is to have a trailer hitch made that angles up like

      If you want to see this "in action" check http://extremehammock.com/ , and look for the pic labeled 'fan submission' (it should be in the second column, second pic down). This guy's upright looks to be perpendicular to his hitch pipe, but I think that an angled upright would work too. If I ever put a trailer hitch on my truck, maybe I'll see if I can get somebody to weld me up one...

      Happy swingin'
      Brian Neeley

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