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16214Re: [Hammock Camping] Using my truck and a tree

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  • Rick
    Oct 30, 2006
      I recommend caution when tying to the pillar between front and back
      seats. The seal or the pillar itself can be bent or harmed by hammock
      support ropes or straps. Be careful with your pretty trucks.

      I have tied to the roll cage of my Jeep and to boards in the holes
      designed to take them in the bed of a truck.


      Scott Schroeder wrote:
      > You can probably come up with any number of ways to tie off the end on
      > the truck. In this photo I went out the passenger side wind an over
      > the top. I then tied the strap to the part between the driver window
      > and the rear driverside window. I jus tied it up like I would to a
      > tree.
      > I could be setup so you have a loop to hook onto in the center between
      > the seats. I was thinking pickup owners with the middle sliding rear
      > window could put a wrap over the top of the cap, through each window
      > then have the loop dead center and you attach your hammock through
      > that rear sliding window.....whew!!! I hope that made some sense.
      > I thought of this because my office doesn't have two decent trees near
      > each other and I need a way to take a nap sometimes ....LOL!
      > I did have to hang the hammock all the way to the ceiling and pretty
      > high on the tree to keep from hitting the bed of the truck.
      > Having most of your body inside the truck like that would definitely
      > give a lot of protection in foul weather. If its cold, you could
      > bundle up stuff under you to stay nice and toasty.
      > If it's warm, just roll all the windows down.
      > I'll let you know if some other variant comes up.
      > If yall build on this idea please post what you did!
      > Thanks
      > Scott
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