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16209Re: [Hammock Camping] Blackbishop Sack, Slowhike's end caps

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  • tim garner
    Oct 30, 2006
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      not bad... not bad atal.
      the end caps i had at hot springs my 1st attempt & i belive i`ll be making another set w/ a few improvements, but now i belive i`ll be putting a draw string around the mouth of each & use them as the stuff sack like you did.
      i don`t think i pulled them out to demonstrate at hot springs but i had snake skins on the hammock... they were just hidden by the end caps.
      but w/ the draw strings i could do w/o the skins.
      i suppose if i was ready to pack-up & the end caps were still wet (even though i can shake most of the water off), i could put the end cap bags into a turky size oven bag, then put it inside the pack. ...tim

      Jeff <jwj32542@...> wrote: The folks at Hot Springs probably saw Keith's stuffsack mod that stays
      on the hammock support like snakeskins. I just made one and it looks
      pretty useful - just a silnylon stuffsack with a small hole melted
      into the bottom, really. It's big enough to hold my insulated hammock
      and top quilt, so I can leave my Python Skins and quilt's compression
      sack for a net weight savings.

      Pics here:

      It also looks like it might provide a small bit of coverage for wind-
      blown rain, which made me think of Tim's end caps. Why not put a
      drawstring around the open end and use those end caps as a stuff
      sack? Pretty convenient and would save the weight of an extra sack or
      skins. Just a thought.


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