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16199Paddling the Cape Fear River (North Carolina) with an ENO hammock!

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  • John Pugh
    Oct 29 1:08 PM

      Thought some of you might be interested in this.

      Last summer my ladyfriend and I paddled the Mississippi River in
      conjunction with the Audubon Society www.sourcetosea.net
      <http://brentroad.com/www.sourcetosea.net> . That went over really well
      (NPR, other media, etc), so I'm doing something similar starting next
      week on the Cape Fear River .

      I'll be starting on November 1 at Jordan Lake and paddling to the coast.
      It's about 200 miles, and should take about 10 days. Along the way I'll
      be doing water quality testing, and I'm, working with several middle
      school classes on hydrology, H2O quality, watersheds, etc. I'll be
      answering the kid's emails during the trip and doing a series of
      slideshows throughout the winter.

      There's scads of photos, journals, book excerpts, blogs, and
      gear/equipment stuff on the website if you're into that sort of thing.
      I'm using an Eagle Nest Outfitter Doublenest, Slapstraps, homemade
      underquilt, hammock sock, and anything else I can to stay warm! This is
      my first hammock trip.

      If anyone knows any teachers that would like to involved, have them
      shoot me an email at source2sea@.... You can follow along at

      Take Care,

      -John Pugh

      Here's a map of the route.

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