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16115RE: [Hammock Camping] Re: Byer's Mosquito Traveler ropes (was newby needs advice)

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  • Stuhr, Tim
    Oct 17 12:14 PM
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      I bought one of these at their store in San Diego when I was out there 2
      months ago. I was getting it for my youngest son. When I got home I
      set it up for a test. The cords on opposite side of the zipper side
      were tied a little longer than the zipper side thereby making the
      hammock longer on the back side than the front side. I got in and was
      quickly dumped on my butt. There I am tangled in the hammock and
      netting, semi-suspended, and trying to figure how get up so I could
      climb back out the zipper side. Some of the netting and the zipper
      tore. At least nobody saw me. If the netting was stronger I might
      still be stuck there today.

      Moral of the story: Make sure each of the long sides are the same
      distance from end knot to end knot.


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