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16005Re: [Hammock Camping] candle heat

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  • tim garner
    Oct 7, 2006
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      interresting. ...tim

      Black Wolfe <blackwolfe@...> wrote: Side stepping the candle next to your tarp issues and giving a new approach.

      This idea is a miniaturizing of a gravity assisted hot water system.

      1) Build a very small boiler, really nothing more is needed than a copper
      tubing coil over the candle.

      2) A coil of tubing inside your sleeping system. Perhaps built into your

      3) Connecting tubing and perhaps a reservoir.

      4) Setup; The "boiler" must be at the low point, the "heater", near the
      top, with the reservoir at the top. There must be no air bubbles in the
      loop. Convection will carry the heated water up through the system, The
      cooled water will sink to be rewarmed in the boiler.

      Down side? Weight! I expect that we could not make a working system under
      1.5 pounds. If the tubing is to small friction will lock it so the heated
      water won't flow fast enough to be usable. And if you boil the water it
      might create a air bubble that will lock the system too.

      Black Wolfe
      Bruce W. Calkins

      > Now, the only real problem is not burning up your hammock.

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