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1599Re: Hammock Camping AT Section Hike

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  • amy
    May 28, 2003
      On Wednesday, May 28, 2003, at 01:31 PM, Ed Speer wrote:

      > Tony, I take 1,000mg glucosamine twice a day every day.   General
      > advice is to take 3,000mg/d for first month, then drop back to a
      > smaller maintance dosage.  On a long trail, i'll take up to 6,000mg/d,
      > starting a month before the hike. It's not like a pain killer that
      > takes effect immediately--instead, it works very slowly to
      > rehydrate joint cartledge.  Most folks won't notice any improvement
      > for weeks or months after starting to take it--some folks stop taking
      > it because they don't see quick improvement--it's very subtle over a
      > long time. It is also non toxic, so you can't overdose. Since
      > rehydration is involved, be sure to drink lots of water every day of
      > your life--tea, soda, coffee, etc don't count as water. How much
      > water?  A gallon/d at home is not too much; of course, more when on
      > the trail.  Yes this is a LOT of water! I no longer drink anything but
      > water--my knees thank me every day! By the way, lower back pain is
      > also commonly due to dehydration--mine has gone away since I started
      > drinking lots of water and taking glucosamine!
      > I use Spring Valley brand from Wal-Mart--just glucosamine, not
      > chrondrotin. I've read in a medical book that chrondrotin works
      > wonders if taken by injection, but is not adsorbed into the body when
      > taken orally. The commonly combined glucosamine-chrondrotin
      > supplements that are heavily advertised are way too expensive for me,
      > so I take only glucosamine.  Happy hiking...Ed

      I have anecdotal evidence that glucosamine works better in combination
      other substances. Both my old horses are on a supplement which contains
      glucosamine, msm, chondroitin, and vitamin c. I ran out and used a
      only supplement for a while. The combo definitely worked better, in
      while on just glucosamine they both were obviously more limpy within
      two weeks.

      Not that horse physiology necessarily reacts like human physiology, of

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