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15974Re: [Hammock Camping] candle heat

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  • tim garner
    Oct 6, 2006
      brian... when i was making the insulated winter hammock, i used pads, pillows, & even a foot stool to spread & weight the hammock.
      but you better think about what your going to say to the wife if something goes wrong <g> ...tim

      opnheartscrub@... wrote: Tim,

      I did a small burn test on some silnylon. It did not burn any better
      than the uncoated nylon I tested which surprised me. I believe that
      hot air balloons are made from silnylon. The burners that fire into
      them are incredibly hot and only inches away at the base. I think
      that if the candle was supended in a can the worst that could happen
      from sudden movement is that the flame would be extinguished if it
      were splashed with molten wax. I also have a hard time believing that
      a candle can produce enough CO2 to be dangerous under a tarp. Maybe
      someone has a detector that can prove me wrong. In order to do a mock-
      up I'll have to figure a way to simulate a body in the hammock. Any


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