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15964Re: dave`s line tentioners

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  • Dave Womble
    Oct 5, 2006
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      I use the shock cord on several different tarps and have used
      different attachment methods depending on what I was trying to do.
      Basically I use 1/8" shock cord that I had laying around that I
      bought from REI ( http://www.rei.com/online/store/ProductDisplay?
      5404695&vcat=REI_SEARCH ). I tried some I bought at boat store but
      I didn't like it as well as it stretched more but had less tension.
      I have just been doubling the 1/8" shock cord and tying it in
      parallel to my guyline. A clove hitch works well to tie in in at
      any point of the guyline as it is a cinching knot that tightens more
      as it is loaded so it is not likely to slip under tension. On some
      of my tarps I tie it in parallel with an overhand knot to the
      guyline and then tie the guyline and the shock cord to the tarp

      Some folks use stretch tubing and put the parallel section of the
      guyline inside the hollow stretch tubing. While that may look
      slick, it removes the visual indication that you get with the shock
      cord in parallel with the guyline. With the shock cord in parallel
      with the guyline, the guyline that the shock cord takes up the slack
      in is visually limp and you can see when you might need to readjust
      the guyline tension.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "tim garner" <slowhike@...>
      > dave i`d like to put some of the realy simple line tentioners on
      > tarp the way you had yours.
      > the basic idea`s pretty simple & i could rig it to work the same
      > way, but i suspect if i used the right knots, it would take less
      > from the strength of my guy lines.
      > so how did you attach the guy line to each end of the shock
      > mabey a clove hich?
      > if you had pictures some where that you could point us to, i`d
      > some others would like to try that too. thanks. ...tim
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