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  • tim garner
    Oct 5, 2006
      just for fun... ed, i don`t guess that really applys to me. i`m not any of those people you mentioned... i`m a hammock enthusiast, but don`t have a web site (yet). i have introduced quite a few people to backpacking, camping, & day hiking since the mid 80s. and in the last year or so i`ve even converted a few ground dwellers into hammockers. but i don`t know of any way to say that in a signature with out sounding like i was bragging <g>
      mabey i can just be seen as a contributer to this growing passion, but i don`t know how to say that in a signature either.
      mabey my signature is good enough... just paying respect to the One that gave us all these beautiful places to hang our hammocks :~) ...tim

      Ed Speer <ed@...> wrote: We have many members who post often and thus have become easily
      recognized by their short signature. However, newcomers who don't
      recognize the short signatures might benefit from more
      transparency. In the spirit of transparency, I always sign my posts
      with some words that identify who I am, as you can see at the end of
      this post. Those on the List who have unique experience or
      qualifications might consider doing the same. For instance, if you
      are a BackPack Gear Tester, why not say so? Or a hammock sales
      rep. Or a hammock manufacturer. Or a long-distance hiker. Or a
      hammock enthusiast with an informative web site. Or a long-time
      hammock user. Of course anonymity is one of the attractions of a
      discussion group like ours, and there's no need for everyone to use
      a signature like mine. But for those who would like to better
      identify themselves; please feel free to do so. I simply set up
      my `email signature' in Outlook and call it Hammock Camping List (I
      have several email signatures that I use for different occasions).

      When recommending specific gear, many folks mention in their posts
      that they are not financially associated with the product or
      manufacturer—this is greatly appreciated as it's not always obvious
      who the writer is. I certainly encourage this and I suspect
      everyone else on the List also appreciates it. But our List also
      includes some folks, who, like me, have a financial interest in the
      gear they talk about. Since our List is open to all, we do have
      several other hammock manufacturers, sales reps, and gear vendors
      among us. While we discourage out and out advertising or blatant
      commercialism, we do encourage everyone's input, as long as it is
      respectufl and informative. Signing off with an appropriate
      signature could go a long way in maintaining the transparency we all

      Please feel free to express yourself in your signature!

      Happy Hammocking....Ed

      Moderator, Hammock Camping List
      Author, Hammock Camping, The Complete Guide
      Editor, Hammock Camping News
      Owner, Speer Hammocks Inc


      don`t leave the CREATOR out of the creation!!!

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