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  • tim garner
    Oct 5, 2006
      i`m thinking of a couple differant dirrections this could go.
      1) a hammock that`s not got much swing to it.
      mabey it would hang from the trees by two straps on each end...
      instead of the straps attaching to a single point on the hammock end,
      they mite attach about a foot apart, then each strap would go around
      oppisite sides of the tree. there would be less swing that way.
      then the candle lantern in it`s little house...mabey made of
      flashing, which is also your stove`s wind shield, would sit on the
      ground. small tabs on the bottom of the wind shield would alow you to
      use rocks, etc, to weight it down.
      attached to the bottom of the outter hammock shell would be a tube
      made of fabric that is both fire proof/retardant & flexible, this
      would alow for some movement. the tube would be only slightly larger
      than the wind sheid that the candle lantern sits in, so it slides down
      over the wind shield. some air would need to be avalble to alow the
      chimney effect.
      2) another option would be to have the candle hanging from the bottom
      of the hammock`s outter shell, probably by the same type fire
      proof/retardent fabric. again, i belive the bottom of this fabric
      tube would need to be given it`s round shape by the wind shield & air
      intake holes would be needed.

      with either method, the fire proof/retardant fabric tube would be
      needed to give a certian amount of distance between the candle lantern
      & the bottom of the actual hammock. the distance would be determined
      with testing, BUT i belive another layer would be needed to father
      seperrate the top of the candle & the bottom of the hammock. this mite
      be another length of the fire proof/retardant fabric. this could
      greatly spread the intence heat coming off the candle lantern, mixing
      it with surrounding air inside the shell. (mabey some of jd`s stuff?)

      also with either method, the sides of the outter shell would be
      attached to the hammock body in such a way that little heat would
      escape along the sides of the hammock, but would vent from both ends.
      just a thought (or two)<g>
      again, if anybody`s going to try any thing along this line... please
      do it people free untill you`ve got a sure thing. ...tim
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