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15958Hennessey Ultra Backpaker Asym VS. Speer 8.0A

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  • Rosaleen Sullivan
    Oct 5, 2006
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      Where was my brain the other day? Hmm! Besides getting our opinions on-line, consider attending a gathering of some sort where you can see hammockers and their gear. There should be some hammock fans (like Ed, maybe) at the ALDHA Gathering in W VA this month. Closer to you, a bunch of us are getting together less formally at Dingmans Campground in the Delaware Water Gap region of PA, and the PA "RUCK" in January.

      JD and I are getting the ball rolling on the Nov. one, and it is wide open to anyone who wishes to attend. Some of us will show up Thursday, Nov. 9, in order to get some hiking in on Friday, and several will mosey on in over the weekend. I anticipate all of us will be out of there by Sunday Noon or so. I've received some Atsko Sport-Wash samples to pass out. The grain company hasn't responded, so no Hogsdon Mills dishes to share, so far. We may do some pot luck dinners, burgers over gas grilles, whatever. Jeff G. (another list) is donating one of his Magna Screens, and I'll make at least one stove and probably some other pet goodies to donate as "prizes." I doubt we will have the competition involving a length of hose and a funnel, but may go for neatest/lightest rig, greatest distance, whatever. At least we will have some toys to use for drawings. You would have a chance to meet some other hammockers and see at least one Hennessy and at least one Speer set up.

      If you aren't in a rush to buy, consider some fun field study options...

      Everyone is welcome. Send me a PM and I'll add you to our E-mail list.



      (PS-You must meet J.D.'s dog, too!)

      Hennessey Ultra Backpaker Asym VS. Speer 8.0A
      Posted by: "Jim" james.a.thompson@...<mailto:james.a.thompson@...<mailto:james.a.thompson@...<mailto:james.a.thompson@...>> marriedmuscle
      Date: Tue Oct 3, 2006 4:56 pm (PDT)

      !! HELP !!
      I'm guessing that this is a common question. Should I purchase a
      Hennessey Ultralight Backpacker Asym w/ large fly OR a Speer 8.0A?

      What do y'all think?

      Pray for Peace ... JIM

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