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    Oct 5, 2006
      Is there a way to add a signature block to this group? I read the
      posts online, noy in my e-mail and I reply directly on line, not
      throuogh e-mail. So my e-mail signature will not make it to the
      posts. Does anyone know if there is a way to have a sig. just for
      this group. I've looked and tried the help section (Is that thing
      useless or what?) and can't find anything.

      Is there a way to store one no my keyboard? Like Ctrl+Alt+? I see
      auto fill but it's just a one liner type deal.


      Currently signatureless.

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Ed Speer" <ed@...> wrote:
      > We have many members who post often and thus have become easily
      > recognized by their short signature. However, newcomers who don't
      > recognize the short signatures might benefit from more
      > transparency. In the spirit of transparency, I always sign my
      > with some words that identify who I am, as you can see at the end
      > this post. Those on the List who have unique experience or
      > qualifications might consider doing the same. For instance, if
      > are a BackPack Gear Tester, why not say so? Or a hammock sales
      > rep. Or a hammock manufacturer. Or a long-distance hiker. Or a
      > hammock enthusiast with an informative web site. Or a long-time
      > hammock user. Of course anonymity is one of the attractions of a
      > discussion group like ours, and there's no need for everyone to
      > a signature like mine. But for those who would like to better
      > identify themselves; please feel free to do so. I simply set up
      > my `email signature' in Outlook and call it Hammock Camping List
      > have several email signatures that I use for different occasions).
      > When recommending specific gear, many folks mention in their posts
      > that they are not financially associated with the product or
      > manufacturer—this is greatly appreciated as it's not always
      > who the writer is. I certainly encourage this and I suspect
      > everyone else on the List also appreciates it. But our List also
      > includes some folks, who, like me, have a financial interest in
      > gear they talk about. Since our List is open to all, we do have
      > several other hammock manufacturers, sales reps, and gear vendors
      > among us. While we discourage out and out advertising or blatant
      > commercialism, we do encourage everyone's input, as long as it is
      > respectufl and informative. Signing off with an appropriate
      > signature could go a long way in maintaining the transparency we
      > expect.
      > Please feel free to express yourself in your signature!
      > Happy Hammocking....Ed
      > Moderator, Hammock Camping List
      > Author, Hammock Camping, The Complete Guide
      > Editor, Hammock Camping News
      > Owner, Speer Hammocks Inc
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