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1595RE: Hammock Camping AT Section Hike

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  • Ed Speer
    May 28, 2003
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      Tony, I take 1,000mg glucosamine twice a day every day.   General advice is to take 3,000mg/d for first month, then drop back to a smaller maintance dosage.  On a long trail, i'll take up to 6,000mg/d, starting a month before the hike. It's not like a pain killer that takes effect immediately--instead, it works very slowly to rehydrate joint cartledge.  Most folks won't notice any improvement for weeks or months after starting to take it--some folks stop taking it because they don't see quick improvement--it's very subtle over a long time. It is also non toxic, so you can't overdose. Since rehydration is involved, be sure to drink lots of water every day of your life--tea, soda, coffee, etc don't count as water. How much water?  A gallon/d at home is not too much; of course, more when on the trail.  Yes this is a LOT of water! I no longer drink anything but water--my knees thank me every day! By the way, lower back pain is also commonly due to dehydration--mine has gone away since I started drinking lots of water and taking glucosamine!
      I use Spring Valley brand from Wal-Mart--just glucosamine, not chrondrotin. I've read in a medical book that chrondrotin works wonders if taken by injection, but is not adsorbed into the body when taken orally. The commonly combined glucosamine-chrondrotin supplements that are heavily advertised are way too expensive for me, so I take only glucosamine.  Happy hiking...Ed
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      Thanks for the endorsement.

      So do you currently take it year round, or just before hiking trips?
      How much (mg) do you take per day when not hiking?  What brand do you

      --- Ed Speer <info@...> wrote:
      > Tony, do what your doctor says!  I could never have hiked 5,000
      > miles on
      > the AT without it.  ALL the long distance hikers I know use the
      > stuff.
      > Wish I had started using glucosamine as a kid--it would probably
      > have
      > stopped all knee degeneration. I'm 56 now and been using it for 4
      > years--has taken 20 years off my knees.  I easily hold my own on
      > the
      > trail now, even in the mountains!  On the AT, I often passed
      > serious
      > hikers a third of my age--I was one of the last to start southbound
      > in
      > 2001 and finished as one of the first.  A light pack is a must, but
      > the
      > glucosamine is too--took double doses every day on the trail. Did I
      > mention that I like the stuff?.....Ed


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