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15907Re: [Hammock Camping] Byer's (was HH Ultra BPAsym VS. Speer 8.0A)

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  • Sandy Kramer
    Oct 4, 2006
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      I have only used it for weekend R&R along our community lake (had hip replaced earlier this year), but my el cheapo Byer's of Maine hammock has some features that I really like: top entry, bug screen with ridge line and zipper along the side (easy to reach for stuff outside), can be flipped over to use sans net, "almost queen size," stuffs into own gear pocket... oh, and did I mention it was cheap?

      Does not come with tarp, which is why I ordered the HH tarp that cost me about $60!! And I am concerned about the bulk and weight of that tarp!


      Has anyone camped with the Byer's? Comments?

      I bought their toggle rope set from Campmor - C & C Outdoors has another style.

      tim garner <slowhike@...> wrote:
      wow... that seems like a loaded question<G>
      some people like one & some people like the other. then some people like both!
      i clearly like the speer (top loading) type. for one thing, it seems to work a little better w/ a thicker pad like the exped d.a.m.
      but even more important to me is that i don`t like being closed in w/ bug net unless it`s REALLY needed. since i started using a hammock in spring of 05, i`ve not used a bug net. i also like to be able to reach stuff on the ground.
      but that`s just one persons oppinion. ..tim

      Jim <james.a.thompson@...> wrote: !! HELP !!
      I'm guessing that this is a common question. Should I purchase a
      Hennessey Ultralight Backpacker Asym w/ large fly OR a Speer 8.0A?

      I'm a 5ft 10in, 175lbs, bicycle tourist from Connecticut. I completed
      a TransAm ride (Northern Tier) this past summer.

      I'm interested in 1) lightening my load and 2) mosquito protection.

      Hennessey PLUSSES; Weight, Cost

      Speer PLUSSES; Winter conditions, bug protection

      What do y'all think?

      Pray for Peace ... JIM

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