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15901[Hammock Camping] Re: cold weather set up

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  • John
    Oct 4 7:28 AM
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Richard Perlman <richard@...>
      > Sorry for the late reply. I'm way behind on reading this group.
      > I've used a 25" x 2" TR in a HH Explorer UL Asym many times to the
      low 20*s
      > and have been perfectly warm. I called TR and they said the pad
      has a R7
      > rating.
      > The rest of the clothing was medium weight Duofold long underwear,
      Possum down
      > socks, and fleece balaclava. I used a TNF Blue Kazoo (20*) as a
      quilt on
      > top and slept directly on the TR pad.
      > This system is awesome, but H E A V Y ! Now that I have a Speer
      hammock with
      > PeaPod and TopBlanket, I'll never sleep on a pad again. I'm
      totally sold on
      > under-the-hammock/around-the-hammock insulation.
      > My sleeping kit:
      > Speer 8.0A hammock
      > Speer 8' x 10' silnylon fly
      > Speer PeaPod
      > Speer TopBlanket
      > HH Explorer UL Asym
      > HH Hyperlight
      > JRB Shenandoah Summer Quilt/Under Quilt
      > TNF Blue Kazoo bag 20*
      > Big Agnes Horse Thief bag 35* (top bag, bottom has no insulation)
      > Bozeman Mt. Works Cocoon pullover
      > Bozeman Mt. Works Cocoon pants
      > I like HH in summer when bugs are present and Speer in colder
      > This "modular" approach allows mixing and matching gear to meet
      > the temperature. Being able to use insulated clothing as part of
      > my sleep system allows me to use a lighter bag, saving real weight.
      > Rich

      Incorporating insulated clothing into my sleep system has worked out
      great for me too! All my trips these days are in western Montana
      so, even May thru October, I have to be ready for hard freezes and
      nasty weather. I therefore carry insulated clothing all the time
      and using it for a sleep system gives me double-usage. I use
      Integral Designs' Dolomitti jacket w/hood and Denali pants (since
      replaced by BMW's Cocoon pants). If it's in the middle of summer
      and hard freezes don't look like a realistic possibility I'll leave
      the pants at home. The rest is the typical collection of balaclava,
      fresh wool socks and booties, long underware and fleece mittens. I
      use the 7oz Oware pad and usually clip a light fleece throw to it
      for a total of 21oz for that under insulation. To date, I've only
      used a sleeping bag as a quilt once, all other times I didn't use,
      or need, a top cover/bag. I have added a quilt to extend my range
      but haven't used it in cold weather hammocking yet.

      All this has kept me comfortable to the high-20s which I expected it
      to do. The unanticipated benefit was the late-night Nature
      calls...already dressed including booties, I just drop out of the
      Hennessy, walk to a good tree :) and return. No struggling with
      putting on clothes in the cold, no cold sleeping bag to return to,
      etc. No early morning dressing in the cold, either. I just
      wait 'til temps are 'more comfortable.'

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