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15884Re: Crazy Creek straps

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  • Jeff
    Oct 3, 2006
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      I've asked if they have a tested strength for their straps and
      buckles - haven't gotten a reply yet. My gut feel is that the
      buckle won't break - I think it's cast or stamped rather than
      welded. Depending on what kind of webbing is used, it might not
      have enough friction to hold...but again, I'm confident enough that
      it'll work that I'm ordering some buckles unless they reply that the
      tested results are too low.

      The straps work fine in their system. I get some stretch in the
      hang, but I can't tell if it's the hammock or the strap that's
      stretching. I guess I could measure it but it hasn't been enough to
      really matter. I wouldn't want to hang a single strap w/o a good
      answer from Crazy Creek about the strength, though. They may be
      strong enough, but I already have enough webbing from Ed that I'm
      just gonna order the buckles. Besides, they print "Crazy Creek" on
      their straps and I'd rather use Ed's all black webbing.

      I'll post the answer on the strength when I get a reply.

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