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15883Re: [Hammock Camping] Hennessey Ultra Backpaker Asym VS. Speer 8.0A

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  • tim garner
    Oct 3, 2006
      wow... that seems like a loaded question<G>
      some people like one & some people like the other. then some people like both!
      i clearly like the speer (top loading) type. for one thing, it seems to work a little better w/ a thicker pad like the exped d.a.m.
      but even more important to me is that i don`t like being closed in w/ bug net unless it`s REALLY needed. since i started using a hammock in spring of 05, i`ve not used a bug net. i also like to be able to reach stuff on the ground.
      but that`s just one persons oppinion. ..tim

      Jim <james.a.thompson@...> wrote: !! HELP !!
      I'm guessing that this is a common question. Should I purchase a
      Hennessey Ultralight Backpacker Asym w/ large fly OR a Speer 8.0A?

      I'm a 5ft 10in, 175lbs, bicycle tourist from Connecticut. I completed
      a TransAm ride (Northern Tier) this past summer.

      I'm interested in 1) lightening my load and 2) mosquito protection.

      Hennessey PLUSSES; Weight, Cost

      Speer PLUSSES; Winter conditions, bug protection

      What do y'all think?

      Pray for Peace ... JIM

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