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15874Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: cold weather set up

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  • Richard Perlman
    Oct 3, 2006
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      Sorry for the late reply. I'm way behind on reading this group.

      I've used a 25" x 2" TR in a HH Explorer UL Asym many times to the low 20*s
      and have been perfectly warm. I called TR and they said the pad has a R7

      The rest of the clothing was medium weight Duofold long underwear, Possum down
      socks, and fleece balaclava. I used a TNF Blue Kazoo (20*) as a quilt on
      top and slept directly on the TR pad.

      This system is awesome, but H E A V Y ! Now that I have a Speer hammock with
      PeaPod and TopBlanket, I'll never sleep on a pad again. I'm totally sold on
      under-the-hammock/around-the-hammock insulation.

      My sleeping kit:
      Speer 8.0A hammock
      Speer 8' x 10' silnylon fly
      Speer PeaPod
      Speer TopBlanket
      HH Explorer UL Asym
      HH Hyperlight
      JRB Shenandoah Summer Quilt/Under Quilt
      TNF Blue Kazoo bag 20*
      Big Agnes Horse Thief bag 35* (top bag, bottom has no insulation)
      Bozeman Mt. Works Cocoon pullover
      Bozeman Mt. Works Cocoon pants

      I like HH in summer when bugs are present and Speer in colder temps.

      This "modular" approach allows mixing and matching gear to meet
      the temperature. Being able to use insulated clothing as part of
      my sleep system allows me to use a lighter bag, saving real weight.

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