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15865Re: Tarp Tent

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  • terry_and_pearl
    Oct 2, 2006
      After more thought, I have decided to make a simple 10' x 10' silnylon
      tarp to use over my HH Backpacker A-Sym.

      No catenary cuts.

      You cannot make a simple, single cat cut on all sides, since then it
      cannot be used as a simple A-frame. You would have to make a single
      cat cut on one side and two on the other two sides. You then end up
      with the MacCat, which has to be rigged only one way and will always
      use 4 stakes.

      With a simple square, you can rig along the diagonal, 2 stakes, or as
      an A-frame, 4 stakes. You can modify the A-frame by shifting more
      upwind and leaving the downwind side more exposed.

      Also, by using the micro Grip Clips and foregoing the tie out loops, I
      can shift the tie outs to any points on the perimeter as needed. I can
      even pull the A-frame closer to the ground on the sides than the sides
      of the tarp to get it as close to the hammock as possible. Also, when
      rigging on the diagonal, I can use 2 Grip Clips on the sides, instead
      of a single one at the corner, and pull down almost vertically.

      Easier to sew, easier to setup/take-down and pack. Will probably flap
      somewhat in the wind, but that is a simple tradeoff for more versatility.
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