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    Oct 1, 2006
      Yes, I built the Youngblood tarp-tent. Jsut like his, and it works
      just the way you think it would from the pictures. I also built what I
      thought would be an improvement on it. A totally enclosed design I
      lovingly dubbed "The Tunnel of Hate", you can proly guess how that one
      turned out. I also prototyped a convertable tarp system for total
      weather protection called "Uber-tarp". All of these were built with
      1.1 or 1.9 oz material, they were prototypes after all, and each has
      been scrapped.

      My main reason for scraping all of these is very simple. They were TOO
      COMPLICATED! 1) They all needed pretty much identical set up points
      each time. And it's just not realistic to expect to find the "perfect
      spot" evey time. 2) The Uber-tarp had 22 tie out points, that's alot
      of cord to keep up with, not to mention stakes. 3) The complexity of
      the tarp-tent wasn't that bad, but it was more than the benefits. The
      Uber-tarp was just way too complicated. Entry and Exit required about
      a minute each. 4) Weight 5) Set up time was crazy long.

      One of the main benefits to me with a tarp and hammock system is the
      relative ease of operation. Set-up, entry, exit and breaking are EASY,
      I was making it much too complicated.

      I finally settled on a 10 x 10 tarp and a weather sock (like Jeff's
      and Risks Travel Pod). I have never gotten wet with just the tarp, but
      I use the sock to cut the wind in extreme cold. This system is
      extremely flexible, simple and light.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "chcoa" <jdeben@...> wrote:
      > On that note would Youngblood be willing to sell a few of these to
      > interested tree hangers. I have tried a simular set up to this and
      > it worked great. I don't have any sewing skills however and this
      > type of thing is not on the market to my knowledge.
      > How about it sir????
      > jamie in az
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