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  • chcoa
    Sep 30, 2006
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      On that note would Youngblood be willing to sell a few of these to
      interested tree hangers. I have tried a simular set up to this and
      it worked great. I don't have any sewing skills however and this
      type of thing is not on the market to my knowledge.

      How about it sir????

      jamie in az

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "terry_and_pearl"
      <terry_and_pearl@...> wrote:
      > Has anybody tried duplicating the tarp tent that Youngblood has in
      > photo section? Labeled Catenary Tarps/130 x 120 inch tarp.
      > I think it is actually 130 x 126.
      > If anybody else has made a duplicate or close to it, have you used
      > in the field?
      > How does it actually work?
      > Using 1.1 oz silnylon, I calculate the weight to be about 27+ oz.
      > you have made one, what is your actual weight?
      > It is intriguing and I am sorely tempted to try duplicating. Lots
      > room under the tarp, plenty of configurations and I like the idea
      > really closing it up in nasty conditions (that is if it works as
      > as it looks).
      > The weight is a concern, but then a tent that is under 2 lbs with
      > size is pretty good.
      > It appears there are 3 catenary cuts along each bottom and 2 on
      > end. Does anybody have anymore information?
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